Architecture & Computational Design

Digital Design & Research

Daniel Inocente is an American Designer based in New York City, New York currently with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. His work revolves around developing design methodologies which leverage computational techniques for performance driven design, enclosure systems, discrete geometrical optimization and interdisciplinary research. His primary interests in the future of architecture & design stem from having worked directly with some of the most innovative teams on producing unique processes for creative and complex architectural systems. His cumulative professional experience includes working with Gehry Partners LLP, NASA, Gehry Technologies, HKS LINE and is now with SOM, New York. An integral part of introducing unconventional approaches to architectural design and problem solving is his passion for discovering connections between technology, industry and research. Participating in academic reviews at various universities, conferences and workshops is increasingly important in bridging his experience with new paradigms. He has worked on the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi, Battersea Development in London and some of tallest skyscrapers in China, Dubai and the US, which are currently under construction, including the Hangzhou Center and Guiyang World Trade Center. Today he is focused on large scale projects abroad while playing a leading role in the Digital Design Group, bringing partnerships to the forefront of research and developing future architectural concepts with the European Space Agency.


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